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Frequently Asked Questions

What is field hockey?

Field hockey is an exciting outdoor sport featuring teams of 11 players. Players use a short curved stick to maneuver the ball over a rectangular field 100 yards long and 60 yards wide. A team receives a point when they are able to knock the ball into the other team's goal from within the shooting circle.

How is field hockey different from ice hockey?

Both ice hockey and field hockey come from the same background. Ice hockey is a contact sport played on ice, while field hockey is a non-contact sport played on a turf field. Ice hockey is played with a long stick that is flattened at the end and a puck, while field hockey is played with a shorter, curved stick and a ball. Both sports are very fun!

When is the field hockey season?

Field hockey is a fall sport, but it can be played year round.

What equipment do I need?

- Field hockey stick

- Mouth guard

- Shin guards (soccer shin guards are fine for new players)

- Athletic Shoes (Turf shoes are recommended but not necessary for beginning players)

Where do I find field hockey equipment?

For new players, AFHC has loaner sticks. For those looking for something more permanent, the best place to look is online. Most sporting goods stores don't carry field hockey equipment.

What is indoor hockey?

Indoor hockey is very similar to field hockey and is traditionally played during the off-season. It is played on an indoor court that is about half the size of the traditional turf field. Each team has six players. Players can maneuver the ball anywhere on the court, but must touch the ball within a certain range of the opponents goal before scoring for the goal to count. Because of the small field size, indoor hockey is a very fast-paced game that's lots of fun to both play and watch.

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes! Go to our "Upcoming Events" page and click on "Private Coaching" to learn more.